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External Wall Insulation Benefits

What is External Wall Insulation?

External wall insulation is an additional outer layer of insulation and exterior cladding fixed to an existing solid wall, used to improve the thermal insulation of a building and increase protection from weather and elements. 

The external insulation slabs that are installed improve insulation performance and are non combustible mineral wool slabs that have water resistant benefits.

External wall insulation improves the air overall, meaning it doesn’t just provide and retain warmer during the winter, it also improves the quality of the air during the summer and prevents stuffy, clammy conditions. 

External wall insulation is also commonly known in the trade in Ayrshire as “EWI” or “external solid wall insulation”.

External wall insulation systems are available in a range of colours and designs to match with your homes roughcasting, render and the rest of the exterior.

How does External Wall Insulation Work?

Installing (EWI) external wall insulation on your home is one of the best ways to save on energy bills and retain heat. Once you do this effectively it takes less energy to heat your home, saving you hundreds of pounds on heating bills each year and improving your homes energy efficiency rating (EPC).

Insulating your external wall is the best form of home insulation and most effective in terms of increasing thermal efficiency of houses with solid walls. A high percentage of homes in Scotland have solid walls (not cavity) especially older builds, making external insulation the best way to go the vast majority of the time.

Do I need planning permission to install external wall insulation?

Yes, sometimes you will need it, some listed buildings and conservation areas require planning permission for ewi to be installed, this is almost always granted though due to the benefits of external insulation and the ease of the installation.

Types of External Wall Insulation

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is the type of external wall insulation that we install, Knauf is the brand. For EWI mineral wool is compressed into an insulation board that is fireproof, soundproof and carries all of the same benefits as any other mineral wool insulation which happens to be the worlds most popular type of insulation (and for good reason!).

(EPS) Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

Expanded polystyrene external insulation is a bit like it sounds, polystyrene is compacted together creating a solid insulation board. It’s a lightweight type of insulation, however it comes with varies risks and cons, hence we choose not to install it!

Wood Fiber Insulation

Wood fiber is the most eco friendly and sustainable insulation, making it appealing to people looking to reduce their carbon footprint, however, it is only really suitable for timber framed buildings and things of this nature.


Although not officially insulation, roughcasting is applied to your external walls and does have insulation benefits. After being installed, your homes roughcasting is the very outer layer of your walls and is ideal for this purpose due to it being so durable and weatherproof.

External Rendering

Much like roughcasting, external rendering acts as external insulation but looks much better than roughcasting, both provide another layer of protection for your walls from the outside elements.

Knauf External Wall Insulation

The type of external wall insulation we install is a Knauf system. Knauf insulation is a worldwide brand and the market leader in Scotland, the United Kingdom and Europe. Their head office based at Stafford Road, Saint Helens, WA10 3L, click here to visit their Google Business Profile.


Other Types of Home Insulation We Install

Insulation Scotland are expert insulation installers, installing all types of insulation for homes and businesses across Scotland. Our teams work from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen meaning we can comfortably serve Ayrshire  and the whole country with the following types of insulation:

 · External Wall Insulation

· Loft Insulation

· Underfloor Insulation

· Roof Insulation

· Room in Roof Insulation

· Internal Wall Insulation

· Cavity Wall Insulation

· Spray Foam Insulation

Benefits of External Wall Insulation

Some of the benefits of external wall insulation are briefly listed above, here is a longer list of benefits that goes into a little more detail:

· EWI reduces energy costs by up to 25%.

· EWI improves the thermal properties of your home including reducing heating costs, CO2 and improving heat retention. 

· EWI looks great and improves the aesthetics of your home. 

· EWI increased the value of your home and is a fantastic asset to have when selling,

·EWI prevents any damp or moisture from collecting between that layers of your walls.

·EWI makes your home more energy efficient, retaining more heat meaning you can switch off the heating sooner!

·EWI should make your home airtight meaning no draughts as long as you have quality windows and doors.

·EWI provides noticeable improvements in soundproofing and reduces noise transfer from one room to another.

·EWI further protects you from the harsh Scottish weather and will increase the overall lifespan of your walls.

External Wall Insulation Cost in Ayrshire

Depending on the type of home you are living in, installing external wall insulation could help your reduce your energy bills by several hundred pounds each year (on average). The payback time is much less if you previously didn’t have any insulation at all.

The houses people in Ayrshire live in can generally be divided into three types, terraced, semi-detached, and detached.

According to the data provided by the Energy Saving Trust, the normal cost of external wall insulation varies, the cost of a small semi-detached house is obviously a lot different to that of a large detached property.

It’s almost impossible to provide you with a cost for external wall insulation without knowing more information about the size of your home. Even when we know the size, each ewi installation is different depending on other factors. In order to arrive at an accurate cost for external wall insulation you need to have a free home survey completed.

Insulation Scotland

External Wall Insulation Installers Ayrshire

There are not a huge volume of external wall insulation installers and companies based in Ayrshire, it’s quite a specialist trade. You should always carry out your own research to make sure you select the best installer for insulating your home. Also, you should always check for ratings and reviews on the web and choose a well established external wall insulation company.

Our External Wall Insulation Installation Process

1. Test your render.

Allowing us to make sure your render is capable of supporting an EWI installation. Should your render be strong enough, we will smoothen it in preparation for installation or completely remove it if required.

2. Removal or adjustment of pipes.

Your pipework is often removed from your home prior to installation.

3. Windows and doors protection.

During every EWI installation we add a protective film over your windows and doors to prevent any damage.

4. Starter track installation.

We install an aluminium start track which helps ensure the height of your insulation installation.

5. Insulation boards installation.

We attached insulation boards using adhesive which bonds between the board and your wall.  We often file off the edges of the boards to ensure its completely flat. 

6. Installation mechanical fixings.

This part of the process make sure your insulation boards are solid and rigid with no gaps in-between. 

7. Beading installation.

We make sure your external insulation is air right be corner beads and stops beads are soundly installed. 

8. Supporting mesh and render.

In some cases we can install fibreglass mesh in-between each layer of render to further strengthen your insulation.

9. Add some primer.

If required, primer can help your final coat stick to the ewi boards and other layers of your external walls.


Insulation Scotland

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Facts About Ayrshire


1. The population of Ayrshire in 2023 is approximately 366,800 people according to wikipedia.

2. External wall insulation in Ayrshire is becoming increasing popular alongside roughcasting which is the most popular type of external wall coating.

3. Amongst the top 10 things to do in Ayrshire, the top 3 are as follows:

1. Culzean Castle and Country Park.

2. Dumfries House.

3. Blackstone Clydesdales and dig-a-day experience.

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