Free Loft Insulation Grants Scotland 2023

Free Loft Insulation Grants Scotland

Have you heard about free loft insulation Scotland in 2023?

The government are offering help through grants. The £4 billion scheme has been designed to upgrade homes throughout the UK and includes grants for home insulation such as loft, underfloor or wall insulation. Loft insulation has amazing benefits for you and if you decide to have it installed you will receive benefits that will improve and supplement your existing energy efficient products such as your double glazing and / or your central heating. Read on and find out more about loft insulation grants in Scotland.

Can You Get Free Loft Insulation in Scotland?

Many people are entitled to free loft insulation with grants backed by the Scottish Government. Read on and you will see the criteria for either a grant or a loan. It depends on your circumstance whether you are entitled to a grant.

Insulation grant schemes are being administered by Ofgem and Home Energy Scotland on behalf of the government and has been designed to improve energy efficiency of homes in the UK and reduce carbon emissions. The scheme is due to run until 31 March 2026 but the funding rules can change at any time.

The application process is easy and takes less than a minute to see if you meet the eligibility criteria for these government grants.

ECO Flex Home Insulation Grant

The ECO flex home insulation grant, also known as the local authority flex, provides funding for homeowners and tenants towards to cost of insulation. 

For the ECO flex scheme you don’t need to be on benefits to qualify, people who earn less than £31,000 per year can be awarded a grant.

To find our more about the ECO flex scheme, you can contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2822 or click here to visit their website.

We are also happy to arrange a free home visit, to explain things in more detail and begin your application.

ECO 4 Free Insulation Scheme

The ECO 4 scheme grant is available for homeowners and tenants in Scotland looking for a free insulation. This is specifically for people on benefits, you must be on benefits to qualify and your home needs to be below an EPC rating of D.

To find our more information or see if you qualify, call us on 0808 169 7086 or arrange a free home visit.

What is Loft Insulation

Loft insulation offers a range of materials that give you a barrier between any spaces that you have in between your roof and your loft. You can have the insulation installed in the joists on the floor of your loft, between your roof rafters or both.

Loft insulation is used to stop you losing heat from your home and offers an increased retention in heat of up to 25 percent.

How Does Loft Insulation Work?

People who have had loft insulation installed report warmer homes during Winter. There have also been reports of better air quality during summer months as well as being cooler. One major benefit of lost insulation is the energy efficiency that it will give you by storing heat you have generated and keeping out the cold.

The loft insulation will stop all your energy going through the roof. You can expect to see a real difference in your fuel bills once your loft Insulation is installed.

Loft Insulation Benefits

Heating Bills are Reduced – Ensuring that the gaps are filled in and your loft and home are airtight with no draughts and keeping your heating inside.

Heat Retention is Increased – You will not have to use your heating as much as your home will stay warm longer and you will be able to turn your heating off sooner because after loft insulation your home remains warmer for longer when heating is turned off with 25% more heat being retained through your new loft insulation.

Air is Cooler – meaning cooler Summers as outdoor warm heat is prevented from getting in your roof, loft, and walls, meaning the air stays nice and cool.

Soundproofing – loft insulation helps with noise reduction from outdoors and within your
home from other rooms and areas. It is not as effective as wall insulation for sound proofing between rooms though it still makes noise reduction.

What Are Loft Insulation Grants?

Insulation grants, which are available for people who want to install loft insulation, underfloor or wall insulation. Loft insulation grants are made available from the Scottish Government and can be applied for through Home Energy Scotland. There are varying types of grants and loans available, and it will depend on your own circumstances whether you are entitled to one. If you are applying
for the grant scheme you will be required to offer a quote from an installer to support your application. A rural uplift is also available for those living in rural and island homes to support them with increased costs.

You can apply for loft, floor, or cavity wall insulation: up to £2,000 (£1,500 grant plus £500 optional loan).

What Other Insulation Grants Are Available in Scotland?

In Scotland there is funding available for people who are homeowners and to private sector tenants who have rented and stayed in their property for at least of six months.

Warmer Homes Scotland Programme is currently paused and is set to start again in October
2023. You can still apply for a grant (from April 2023) and your application will be held onto
and considered under the new criteria, with any funding being awarded from the 2nd of

October 2023

The Green Deal is available from 2023 with home insulation including solid wall, cavity wall
and loft insulation amongst the most popular types of green deal funding still awarded. This
Green Deal provides funding for central heating, draught proofing, double glazing, and renewables such as solar panels and heat pumps.

You may be entitled to help with funding that is available through the ECO 4 scheme (Energy
Company Obligation). The scheme for ECO 4 was launched in April 2023 and you can apply for funding from then until March 2026.

The home energy efficiency programme known as HEEPS, funds local authorities across Scotland. HEEPS helps to make homes more energy efficient in areas of Scotland which are more effected by fuel poverty.

Private Sector Landlord Loan

The Private Rented Sector Landlord Loan is available for landlords and businesses that own rental properties. If you are a landlord in the private rented housing sector or a business that owns rental homes, there are loans available.

Who Qualifies For Free Loft Insulation?

The loft insulation grants available through the ECO scheme were created to help low-income households in England, Scotland and Wales make their homes more energy efficient and lower their heating bills. Not every household can apply and there are certain criteria that must be met to qualify for the scheme. You may be offered enough to fund 100% of the cost of the installation from the loft insulation grant but some home owners will only obtain some of the money and will therefore need to contribute to the costs. Under the ECO scheme the ‘Big Six’ utility companies are obliged to provide funding to households that have to improve the efficiency of their homes. This is in part to achieve the government’s goal of being net carbon neutral by 2050 but as a main aim of tackling fuel poverty across the UK.

If you receive any of the following benefits you will be eligible for the ECO scheme, regardless of household income and the assets that you own:

*Child Tax Credit

*Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – income-based (not contribution-based ESA)

*Housing Benefit
*Income Support

*Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) – income-based (not contribution-based JSA)

*Pension Guarantee Credit
*Pension Savings Credit

*Tax Credits (both Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit)

*Universal Credit
*Working Tax Credit

Loft Insulation Grants for People On Benefits

If you are in receipt of certain income related benefits you may qualify for a free loft insulation grant. People with low incomes will benefit from the 2023 funding especially with people experiencing fuel poverty due to inflated rates on gas and electricity prices. If you are in receipt of any of the following you may qualify:

*Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
*Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

*Housing Benefit
*Pension Credit
*Universal Credit (UC)
*Work Tax Credit

*Warm House Discount Scheme Rebate

*Child Tax Benefits and Child Benefit (depending on income threshold)

Loft Insulation Grants for Pensioners Scotland

Older people receiving a pension can be entitled to free loft insulation. Grants are being given to people over 60 who either receive pension credit guarantee or any of the benefits listed above. Most pensioners will qualify for the Government’s Energy Company Obligation grant scheme through either receiving Pension Credit or through having health issues or being vulnerable. It’s a good idea
to check this now in case the rules change. Both homeowners and renters who are pensioners are entitled to home improvement grants backed by the government Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

Loft Insulation Grants for Disabled

Many Grants for Disabled People are available through several government funding sources. They help with the costs of making improvements to your home. This means that physically disabled individuals and their family (as well as older people) will not have to spend the entirety of their savings to make their current home warm, safe and fully accessible to their needs by having access to disability grants. Several funding schemes in Scotland, offer disability grants for household repair and improvement for disabled, older people, and individuals with a financial need.

Qualifying benefits for a disabled tenant or owner with low income:

The Disabled Facilities Grant does not qualify you for an ECO4 grant; however, if you are a low wage homeowner or private tenant and receive one of the following benefits, you might be able to get a maximum grant for free insulation or adapt heating upgrades.

*Disability grants criteria
*Child Benefits
*CTC – Child Tax Credits
*Housing Benefit

*JSA – Income based Jobseekers allowance
*ESA – Income related Employment & Support Allowance

*IS – Income Support
*Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
*Pension Credit Savings Credit
*UC – Universal Credit
*Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate
*WTC – Working Tax Credit

Loft Insulation Grants for Businesses

There are no specific insulation grant schemes for businesses available through government funding nationally. But there are other opportunities and avenues that you may look for funding in. Energy bills have been increasing and businesses are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. Doing so can help businesses save significant amounts on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions, meaning they will be more environmentally friendly and lessen their carbon footprint impact. You can look to local councils and authorities for different grants that may be available for energy saving efficiency improvements in insulation such as grants to encourage Low Carbon Workspaces. As previously mentioned, there are no specific loft insulation grants for small businesses but there could be other funding options available if this is the right type of insulation for you. Having loft insulation installed is a quick and easy process and can have significant benefits, including bill savings and carbon reductions, for your business going forward. So, it is worthwhile contacting us to check what type of loft insulation funding could be an option for you. Check your local council area to see what is available. Here are some examples of councils in Scotland that offer grants to businesses.

Example Scottish Council Grants

Insulation Scotland

Midlothian Council LACER

The Midlothian Council LACER Fund provides grants to businesses to support green projects, social enterprises to support start up and growth and aims to develop a network of local business associations to encourage collaboration. Available funds are:

Social Enterprise Fund – Grants of up to £4,000 are available to support the development of locally based social enterprises, helping them to start up and grow.

Green Transition Fund – Supports businesses to implement a project that helps them be more environmentally friendly and progresses Scotland’s transition to Net Zero. A grant of 70 per cent of project costs up to £20,000 is available to help with the green transition.

East Renfrewshire Council SBA Get to Zero Grant

The SBA Get to Zero Grant provides funding for businesses in East Renfrewshire that wish to diversify and invest in sustainable measures to help their business become more efficient, in order to reduce carbon emissions and energy loss. Businesses can receive a 50 per cent match-funded grant of up to £5,000. Measures could include:
*Low energy heating and lighting systems
*Improved insulation for roof and building
*Solar, ground or air source heat or solar thermal technology

*Waste management or recycling

*Equipment that demonstrates a significant energy saving through its installation

North Lanarkshire Business Recovery and Growth Fund

The Business Recovery and Growth Fund (BRGF) is targeted at new and existing businesses based in North Lanarkshire to support their strategic, longer term sustainability and growth. BRGF grants will cover 50 per cent of eligible project costs, up to £50,000, to fund specific activities to help businesses recover, adapt and diversify their operations.

Falkirk Council Energy Efficiency Fund

The fund can provide grants to cover up to 50 per cent of your project costs, with a maximum of £10,000 per grant. The minimum grant value is £1,000, which means your project must cost at least £2,000. The fund can be used to make changes to business premises and business operations to reduce their carbon footprint from energy consumption. This might include:

*Changing to a low carbon heating system

*Installation of low and zero carbon generating technologies, such as solar PV, biomass and micro-wind

*Building fabric upgrades such as insulation, energy-efficient lighting, draught-proofing, double or triple glazing

The East Ayrshire Net Zero Grant

The East Ayrshire Net Zero Grant provides up to 50 per cent funding, up to £3,000, to support local businesses to transition towards net zero carbon emissions and also help offset the current rises in energy costs. The fund is intended to help small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to implement energy and resource efficiency improvements. It can be used for:

*The purchase of equipment that would contribute to energy saving

*Green skills training

*Renewable energy installations (for example, solar, ground or air source heat pumps)

*Waste management or recycling
*Lighting systems

*Roof and building insulation
*Low energy heating

West Lothian Low Carbon Energy Efficiency Grant

The Low Carbon / Energy Efficiency Grant is for West Lothian businesses that are looking to:

*Overcome barriers to reducing their carbon emissions
*Implement new business processes that will help reduce carbon emissions
*Implement strategic changes identified through consultancy support

*Promote their green credentials
*Enter a new market in the net zero landscape

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